Sikorsky S-64A/E/F Skycrane     swing
    Production List    
          ERICKSON AIR CRANE      
C/n YoM Reg/seria   Model Operators,dates, references & fate sold, cancelled   references fotos
60-001 1959 N807   S-60 Sikorsky Aircraft Division (f/f 25/03/59)     d_pic12
      1960   US Naval Air Mine Defense Developpment Unit      
      1960   US ARMY      
      1961   Sikorsky Aircraft Division       
  W/O 03/04/61  
          Poste de pilotage conservé au New England Air  Museum      
C/n  YoM Reg/serial   Model Operators, dates, references & fate sold/Cancelled   references fotos
64-001 1962 N325Y   S-64 Sikorsky Aircraft Division (f/f 09.05.62)      
          US Army      
      1967   Los Angeles Airport Department (Budd XB-1 Skylounge Pod.)      
          Phillips Petroleum  (AK)      
  W/O 19/08/68 in Arboltes  
64-002 1962 N305Y   S-64A Sikorsky Aircraft Division      
    D-9510  1963   West German Defence Ministry;      
    LA+112     West German Air Force (Luftwaffe) sold in USA 1968    
64-002   N6959R S52240354 Sikorsky Aircraft Division Démonstrateur    
      S-64E > Leased  Silver Grizzly Ltd.      
  W/O 27/06/91 in Index (WA) 27.06.91/E          (64-002)/62/N6959R /Erickson Air-Crane   /USA                                SEA91FA143
        Erickson Air Crane Company      
      4/24/1997   Erickson Air Crane Co. LLC cancelled 30.01.01 (scrapped)    
          DBF, uncontrolled lift-off & crashed at Index, WA  cancelled 02.03.01    
64-003 1962 N306Y   S-64A Sikorsky Aircraft Division       
    D-9511 1963   West German Defence Ministry      
    LA+113   West German Air Force (Luftwaffe) sold in USA 1968    
  Crash  Nov. 69 ? Allemagne Crash  US Army ?      
          Nose/cockpit only at Flugausstellung L & P Junior Because of ??    
          Rebuilt Allemagne ou USA ?      
64-003   N6960R …/09/70 S5227572 Sikorsky Aircraft Division       
  Crash 19/10/74 at Kemville, CA Collision with trees, Fire  After  Impact, DESTROYED        LAX75FV29  
      rebuilt   Erickson Air Crane Inc.       
    PK-OBU   Airfast Services Indonesia cancelled 07.05.83    
    N6960R …/06/83   Fort Wayne Enterprises Inc. cancelled 04.05.87    
    C-GJZK …/05/87   Erickson Air-Crane (Canada) Ltd.      
      2/2/1990   Canadian Air-Crane Ltd. cancelled 15.04.98     
  E.A.C N176AC 4/22/1998 S-64E Erickson Air Crane Co. LLC       
        Erickson Air Crane Inc.  cancelled 05.02.01    
    C-GJZK R06/02/01 H6EA Canadian Air-Crane Ltd.  ?   n/a
64-004 Jun-64 64-14202    YCH-54A US Army (D30.06.64)     N6156Z Dave Hopkins pour cinéma
           478 HHC      
  W/O 09/08/66 (Sud Vietnam) 09.08.66/YCH-54A(64-004)/64/ 64-14202 /US Army                 /SVN      
64-005 Jun-64 64-14203   YCH-54A US Army,      United State Army Transportation
          478 HHC.       
    Museum …/12/94    Preserved at US Army Transportation Museum, Fort Eustis, VA  Image640
64-006 Jun-64 64-14204    YCH-54A US Army,